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            Think fire safety, think YSE

            Keywords: EEBD seriesChemical Protective suitFire approaching suitSCBA spare parts

            20 years focusing on fire fighters PPE.
            About YSE
            Shanghai YSE Fire Fighting Equipments Co.Ltd




            Email: info@www.t1bzt.cn

            Add:No.988 PingLiang Road,Yangpu District,Shanghai,China.

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            About  YSE 

            YSE  Our career is safety. We’ve been China leading company of high-quality fire safety products for 20 years. YSE products may be simple to use and maintain, but they’re also highly-sophisticated devices and protective gear. Our business success attributes to the four Core Strengths: an unwavering commitment to outstanding quality, continuous innovation, intimate collaborate with our partners, and the professional of our employees.

              YSE products mainly classified into 5 series as follows:self-contained breathing apparatus series,gas masks series,fire protective suit series, other PPE series, like fire fighting helmets, goggles, gloves, fire safety boots,etc, the fire rescue tools series, like hydraulic spreader, hydraulic cutters, other rescuing tools.

              YSE established complete quality management system, all kinds of products are respectively authorized by National Ministry of Public Security Fire-fighting Equipment Test Center and China Ship Classification Society. Meanwhile, the properties and technical standards of some of our products not only meet with China national standard but also comply with EN and NFPA international standard.

            YSE  Our mission is ”Think fire safety, Think YSE”, we are always ready to accept your trust task and offers valued products to users who depend on us and save lives.

              Our vision is to be the world’s leading provider of safety solutions that protect workers when life is on the line. We pursue this vision with an unsurpassed commitment to quality, customer service, and product innovation that creates exceptional value for all YSE stakeholders.



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